Here we go…


I decided to start this blog after countless people have asked me the same questions over and over: where is the most exciting place you’ve been, what’s the most beautiful thing you have ever photographed, and if you could go back to any place you’ve gone to where would it be. This blog is my answer, as well as a look at food and food culture, and travel and photography from various assignments around the world. Mostly it’s a chance to share with you exciting things I discovered, photographs I loved and a sampling of the incredible food. In addition to all that I hope it’s a place for you to discover the world of food beyond your own table. Food is the great connector, a great way to discover a country and uncover its history andĀ amazing photographs happen around it.


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5 Responses to Here we go…

  1. Hey Penny. Congrats on on the blog. I can’t wait to hear about all your travels & food adventures! Nos vemos en los onlines!


  2. Ruth English


    I loved it. You are good with words as well as the camera. I will watch for more in the future.


  3. mattbites1

    And I’m SO glad you decided to share all this with us! THANK YOU!

  4. I just read through your whole blog (found it via Cannelle et Vanille) and I’m very sad to have reached the end. Your photography is outstanding. I love how you give us small glimpses of the world that capture the essence of a place and moment in time. Your passion for your work shines through in each post.

  5. Penny, your photos are inspiring. So authentic. Can’t wait for the next post.