My Nubian Queen

lolanew-1In celebration of Mardi Gras I recently visited Nubian Queen Lola’s Cajun Soul Food Restaurant in Austin. Lola’s Shrimp Po Boy is believed to be one of the best in Texas and I was on a mission to try it.

Knowing Lola’s life story makes me appreciate her even more. It’s an overwhelming story guaranteed to make you cheer for her, (someone call Oprah, please). To top it off, on Sundays she closes her restaurant to the public and opens it to the homeless, devoting the entire day to feeding them.

Warning: You’ll wait way too long for your food (because she makes everything to order, right there on the spot) but you will be rewarded as a result. When your Po Boy arrives don’t even try to fit your mouth around it, just don’t, it’s impossible.

It comes loaded with fried onion rings, large perfectly seasoned battered fried shrimp, tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, secret sauce and a side of your choice. (Choosing just one side is difficult, but the beauty is in realizing that you will need to come back and try other options). The first bite of this sandwich will take you from crispy to sweet and then to heaven. The toasted French bread is crusty, warm and mouth-watering. Every bite will feel like a new discovery.

An added bonus to visiting The Nubian Queen is knowing you did something good for the homeless and for Lola.




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4 Responses to My Nubian Queen

  1. That place has been on my list for a while and I agree that her story is tailor-made for Oprah. I hope to try it soon! Glad I found your web site too :-)

  2. I want one of those sandwiches. Penny, you do amazing things with photography. You break all the rules for what’s attractive, yet the images make me so hungry.

  3. Ashley G

    I love this story. I’ve never been to my Nubian Queen. I’m going to check it out as well as spread the word!

  4. emily

    I’ve been meaning to go there forever…this gives me an added incentive to get there, especially since I will soon be in withdrawal from all the po-boys I just ate in NOLA!