Visual Yoga-Stretching Your Eyes

authors-1-11I was walking out of a store and there it was, on the sidewalk this beautiful vision, sorta sad and eerie but at the same time profoundly beautiful.

It is more about the act of making the picture – the act of seeing – than anything else. I use my camera phone or a point and shoot because one of them is always with me. These images may resurface as postcard special gifts to clients or friends or end up as singles on my website, but usually they just get stored on a hard drive and archived.

I believe it is good practice to always try to make pictures especially when I am not on assignment. I call it visual yoga… a sort of stretching of the eye if you will. The idea is to take a few extra steps to try and see the world around you differently instead of taking the same visual approach or perspective every time I make pictures.

The practice of doing this helps me grow as a visual person and teaches me to explore situations more. For a while I was collecting these daily pictures and putting them into a book I made, if I ever felt uninspired I could thumb through it and see my growth.


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5 Responses to Visual Yoga-Stretching Your Eyes

  1. sadia1956

    it’s really very nice thinkin

  2. Penny, Kirk Tuck had this quote on his blog ( yesterday “There is no real magic in photography, just the sloppy intersection of physics and art.” I suppose he is referring ot the mechanics of photography, but the real magic is when you do stumble across something, see the potential for a photograph, and then have the mechanism to capture it.

    Thanks for the reminder that the most important piece of kit comes as original equipment and requires daily excersise.

  3. Leslie

    Stunning image, Penny. It really moved me.

  4. sara

    the pass by….i wonder how many passed by, saw it, but didnt SEE it!

  5. Great image! A novel could emerge from it.

    “And there it was, the left glove in the wet leaves looking very much like the hand it had once caressed.”