Eating your way through Rome…

Recently I had a story published on Rome (Saveur Magazine/April Issue 2010) and various foods that have emerged from some of the famous neighborhoods in that historic city. I spent a week photographing in neighborhoods like the Trastevere, Camp de’ Fiori, Testaccio and the Jewish Ghetto photographing culture, street scenes and of course food. Here are a few of my images, I hope they spark a curiosity about Rome and it’s visual food culture.


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24 Responses to Eating your way through Rome…

  1. i always love coming here… i feel transported to so many amazing places. capture life like no other!

  2. So few pictures can say so much words. Your photos speak a thousands words. Never been to Rome yet, but I feel like I was there through your photos! Thank you!

  3. Transported back to the visual and culinary heaven that is Rome via your pics. Thank you.

  4. Oh, I loved that article in Saveur and all those photos – especially the ones of the many contorni. So enjoy your photography.

  5. Truely lovely shots! :) As always, you have to be a stranger to see places in a new, pure and inspiring way (I live in Rome, and I hardly ever make pictures of it, but I guess that’s rather normal :) ps. next time you come over though, let me know, I’d love to introduce you to a couple of favorite places of mine :)

  6. The old photography teacher in me says… Bravo! Lovely photo journalism Ms De Los Santos!

  7. Penny your site is such an inspiration. I’m currently traveling through Central America and I’m finding my blog tends to focus on food as I’m drawn to the food culture of each city.

  8. Your photos just make me happy. They also make me want to go to wherever the photos were taken, no matter where that might be. You have a gift.

    What’s on those pizzas, btw? Squash blossoms? Yum.

  9. Megan Neilans

    Thanks for the culinary trip to Rome. I love your blog and will hopefully get to some of the places you have featured so far.

  10. Just simply beautiful images.

  11. caroline

    I love the picture of the pizzas ready to be baked! I too am curious about the leafy things on them.

  12. the photos are just great :) loved the food!

  13. Great photographs. Congrats on the article!!!

  14. I teared up a little looking at your lovely photos. My husband and I recently returned from our honeymoon spent in Rome, Florence and Venice. The FOOD, holy cow the food we had was so great – and like nothing I’ve had before. What a great post, thank you for sharing!

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  23. The pizza photos are incredible!