Greece…From My Camera to Your Belly

Sometimes, there really just isn’t much more to say. Over the summer, I had an assignment in Greece. I got an incredible taste of just how beautiful and delicious that country is. I found myself completely enamored with the small towns where I worked and the sincerely giving nature of the people I encountered there. Here are some of my personal favorites of the images from the shoot. Saveur’s Greece issue is on news stands now; pick it up and you can see more images that don’t appear here.


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29 Responses to Greece…From My Camera to Your Belly

  1. Thank you for making me hungry!

  2. As always, your assignments are our fantasies. Thank you so much for sharing the world with us. What a gift!

  3. The roasted fish is making me salivate. What are the leaves used to wrap the fish?

  4. THESE. ARE. STUNNING. Thank you for letting me re-live my 2 week getaway to Greece 2 years ago. The simple, local, wholesome, flavorful food. The traditions, the culture…. What a fantastic journey you brought us all on with you. Thank you :)

  5. So vivid I can smell your photos.

  6. These images speak for themselves. That fish, those faces… What a luxury!

  7. These are beautiful without being the usual images of Greece (whitewashed and blue). I love the brooding, striated cliffs in the fisherman’s shot and of course the fish.

  8. Just absolutely beautiful. Loved every photo.

  9. Your images remind me of a spring break spent in a small Greek village 25 years ago when things weren’t quite as touristy as now. I can smell the grape leaves charring as the fish cooks. Lovely images!

  10. Wonderfully appetising in every way! What superb presentation and care for detail in these fine images. A blog to return to constantly.

  11. I just could look at them all day long….
    Thank you!

  12. Kevin aka @cookerguy

    Oh wow. Beautiful

  13. So glad I stumbled onto this site. wow it is simply breathtakingly beautiful!!

  14. Unpretensious jaw dropping delicous food!

  15. Absolutely gorgeous Penny! Thanks for sharing your unique vision of the world. Your photos make me want to grab the first flight to Greece.

  16. Wonderful pictures that captures so much- I love the shot of the man sitting in front of the hanging meat- your photo makes me want to know his story.

  17. Your portraiture is wonderful for its (your) ability to capture character in a single shot. This is what makes your food photography stand out – that humanizing element. dammit, I think I’m a fan!

  18. Those are some seriously wonderful photographs – gorgeous, vibrant, and hunger-inducing. Thanks for sharing (and making me salivate a little bit too)!

  19. What amazing photos that tell the story so simply, but also so thoroughly. Thank you for sharing your gift. You are a true inspiration to me.

  20. Penny, fantastic job today. Besides my panel this was my best session at the conference. The photos in this post, hell your blog, are fantastic. Thanks!

  21. What absolutely gorgeous pictures; full of dept and character! I am sure you’d love to cover India like this one day! Your post is inspiring!

  22. Kelly

    Oh my god, these are the photos I’ll show my husband to plead for Greece for our next vacation. Amazing .

  23. Penny, I am so happy I was able to see a larger than life presentation of these photos with your voice behind them at BlogHer Food. Amazing! Are those candles in sand or on a cake??

  24. I enjoyed your style of photography very much. I loved how your food photos were not just food photos and had stories behind them.

  25. Great photos from my country. Not the usual tourist like photos but real ones!
    Nice to find you!

  26. I cannot wait to journey on to your many other locations. I need to savor each and every one so I’m going to make a delicious cup of coffee now and decide which country or assignment I am going to see through your lens next.

  27. Hello! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Houston Texas! Just wanted to say keep up the excellent job!

  28. A. D. Fitzgerald

    The Greek issue of Saveur was one of my favorites, in no small part due to your stunning photos! Thanks for sharing.