Calling All Photographers and Food Geeks

I spent the last few days shooting, editing and tweaking the three-minute video I am posting here today. I had a serious learning curve because I have never made a video for public consumption before. At any rate, I had the lovely Gomez and dedicated friends look at what I did once I got the bones assembled and edited to what I thought was close. Some general tweaks and re-edited clips tighter, the addition of titles and a new recording of my voice, and – voilà! - I had something I felt good about putting out there. I originally had some great music synched with this video, but licensing and legal issues didn’t allow me to use it. In the end, though, the beautiful sounds of real life kinda kicked butt and worked even better than music; it said everything.
The video was made to promote a CreativeLIVE workshop I am doing in Seattle next month. I’m looking for 6 people to be in the studio with me in Seattle during the actual live broadcast. To watch the live streamed workshop on May 13-15 from the comfort of your home is it free. After the broadcast has ended on the 15th the only way to view it again is to purchase the course.
Here’s the link to register and watch the workshop.
As always, thanks for reading and watching.

Want to join me in person for this worldwide event? Submit a video to be one of the photographers or bloggers picked to be in the creativeLIVE studio:

1. Record a (short) video saying why you want to join me in Seattle.
2. Post it to your Blog, Facebook, Etc.
3. Tweet the URL to @pennydelosantoswith the hashtag #creativelive
Deadline: Thursday, April 28th!

link here to CreativeLIVE for more details about the workshop and attending.

Thanks to my friends at El Real Tex-Mex Cafe in Houston and Katie’s Seafood Market in Galveston for letting me shoot video


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39 Responses to Calling All Photographers and Food Geeks

  1. I can only join you online but would be frantically preparing a video now for the chance to be there. Sounds, like you, pretty amazing.

  2. Tastes Better With Friends

    I saw you bemoaning your video editing learning curve over the weekend and let’s just say you are a quick study! The images, color tones, transitions and as you put it the sounds of “real life” really worked. I’ve already signed up for the workshop, looking forward to it!

  3. aww. will you be doing another workshop after that one? I would love to join you on another occasion. (August in Seattle, Anytime in Austin/Houston/Galveston)? Like you, I’m a photographer, who kind of stumbled into food photography, and I’m sure I could learn a lot from you.

  4. Awesome. Great job with your first public video Penny! Love the part where they are preparing the fish (:45). I am already registered for the online workshop. I will try to work on a video in the next week. Would love to attend in Seattle!

    Thanks for the opportunity and once again, great job!

  5. If it weren’t happening on my bithday and my parents visiting from Provence, I’d be there in a heartbeat!
    Looking forward to catching up your workshop online! Love CreativeLive workshops!
    I know the worshop will be a blast. Have a wonderful time!

  6. Nice story, narration and images of course. Just curious, why did you choose the vintage film aesthetic?


  7. Brian-Thanks for making a comment. I shot the video using my iphone and used an app called 8mm. It has a few different modes to shoot in. The one I used is called 70′s and I liked how muted it made the colors. It also gave the video a “home movie” feel and I thought that made the entire piece feel more personal and 1st person, which is what I was going for. Hope that answers your question.

  8. Totally answered my question and your reasoning makes sense with the personal/1st person approach. It works. Sometimes I struggle with those types of effects since they proliferate so much via mobile phones and I’m always curious to understand the motivation. I think they’re useful and interesting, but there’s always a time and a place and they can be counter productive. Thanks.

    BTW, I was at 18 Reasons in SF during your talk awhile back. It was great.


  9. you were at 18 Reasons the night of my presentation, how cool! I love that organization and everything they are doing. That’s very cool you have access to their inspiration regularly. Thanks again for your comment Brian

  10. Awesome. I’ve been waiting to find out the details for this ;) I’ve never submitted a video to CreativeLive but you will definitely be getting one from me soon!

  11. ken

    Good job w/ the video. It explains your photojournalistic food background well. And it made me hungry :-)

  12. i recently moved from toronto to delhi, india to volunteer for a year. since preparing to move here (and now that i’m here) i’ve been really trying hard to photograph the food and the culture in a way that…tells a story (and looks like more than a snapshot). i’m so excited about your workshop and will be watching the live stream (so it’ll be night here!) all 3 days – it’s already in my calendar :)

  13. That is so great you’ll be watching from India, I hope you’ll send in some photos for the critique portion. It would be so cool to see food scenes from there.

  14. Penny … great stuff! Going to pull together a video today and post it as soon as I can! Love your stuff and the fact that you came into this the same way I did.


  15. Penny – I was just sitting here thinking what an amazing video and lamenting about how my DSLR doesn’t shoot video, etc. Then I read you shot that with your iPhone? Wow… such talent. This would be such a dream!

  16. It’s a coincidence that I was looking through one of Robb Walsh’s cookbooks this morning and then came across your video which features his restaurant El Real. It’s amazing how the black-and-white documentary photos in his cookbook (the Tex-Mex Grill) are similar in feel to the frames in your video!
    You’re right, the use of real life sound makes it so much more authentic. Great job! I wish I could join you; but I’m hoping for next time.

  17. I thought your video was great! I don’t have a video camera but I do like your blog.
    I am also a food blogger at I like to review cookbooks if
    you know any pr people who you could send my way. Keep up the good
    work you’ve found your passion.

  18. Penny, I’ve admired your work from afar for the last year or so – and you are living my dream job . . . but honestly, I didn’t even know this WAS my dream. And now I see this video, shot with an iPhone and am more impressed than before – so inspiring!

  19. Found out about this through the Steamy Kitchen website and am signed up and excited! I’ve only recently jumped into the world of photography, and since I love food, its been my focus. I loved the intro video, and the fact that you shot it with your iphone :) Can’t wait!

  20. I won’t be trying for the Live show, but your video sold me on signing up for the workshop. It sounds like a great lost weekend, with me in front of the screen hanging on to your every word – can’t wait!

  21. I have already signed up and will be attending on line. Weird how something I’ve been pursuing, is actually being successfully done by someone well known. So now I know I’m on the right track… cannot wait to attend.

  22. So excited about this online class! Is there a schedule yet?

  23. Thanks for leaving a comment Lara. We haven’t posted the schedule yet. Each day will be pretty long, roughly 6-8 hours with small breaks here and there and a break for lunch. Friday will be slightly shorter. I hope that helps.

  24. Simon

    I’ve watched several of the CL classes, they are a superb resource, can’t wait for yours Penny. I will be glued to my screen eating instant noodles that weekend!

  25. I would love to watch the class on line! Your work is stunningly beautiful and speaks directly to both my blog’s mission and my growing (obsessive?) interest in photography and food styling. I love, love, love your work!

  26. Dear Penny,

    I love your vision of food and food photography. I would love to attend the workshop from behind my screen in México city. I read the instructions, but I don’t tweet :( Can I still participate and post a video on my blog? Let me know. thanks.

  27. You can watch the workshop live streamed for free that weekend May 13-15. If you want to be with me, live, in the studio in Seattle for the workshop you’ll have to make a video. There are only 6 spots available for the Seattle studio shoot and that’s what we are taking submissions for. Otherwise you can watch from your computer in Mecico City gratis. Here’s the link to register to watch it. Just click register button

  28. Hey Penny… what a generous offer by you and Creative Live to invite six lucky people to join you. I’m working on my video, slowly, and hope to have it up soon. In the meantime, I’m curious where you traveled to while in Chile shooting on assignment. I lived there for a year and was enamored with the food. Empanadas fritas, porotos granados and even the completos were amazing.

  29. Hi
    I´m a Norwegian food photographer who stumbled over your name. And suddenly I see this! It would be lovely to see how you work and of course Seattle, but it might be to long a way;-)
    I will defenetly want to see more of your work, it´s nice to be inspired.

    Good luck with the class.


  30. Gah! I wish I could go. I already have 2 events scheduled that weekend. I only live 2.5 hours from Seattle and it would be so awesome! I loved doing food photography at photo school, but switched to weddings. Now I want to get back into food and I see you are teaching! Guess I will have to buy it instead…

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  34. This comment makes me so happy, big smile across my face as I type now. Thanks for the ping back.

  35. Penny: It is quite amazing what you do: you are a visual story teller, you inspire people through people, you inspire many…me included… daily. I am still looking for my story telling voice and when i see your photos i am reminded to look around, to the people, the places, the moods that shape who I am. Thank you for telling your story, thank you for helping me tell mine. I have still a loooong way to go, but it’s fun to take it one step at a time.

  36. Penny, the possibility of attending the creativeLIVE event in person is thrilling. Better still, this contest inspired me to make my first real video. Santa put a Flip camera in my Christmas stocking. I shot a few lousy clips in the months that followed, but knew nothing about editing, video software, etc. I wanted to manipulate the clips and create something more meaningful, but the longer I waited, the more daunting the task became in my head. Your call for entries and the video above provided the push I needed. The video I submitted for your contest was rough, but I had fun learning my way through it. And I’m already looking forward to creating my next one. Thank you for being a continual source of inspiration!

  37. Penny, this is so generous of you! I can’t wait. Thank you so much. (I’ve signed up for the online version, too far away, but someday I hope to take a workshop.)

  38. Leann

    Penny, Did u pick winners yet? I am dyingggggg to know!!

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