Heart & Humility: A Recipe for Great Photographs

I have spent the weekend reviewing all thirty videos submitted for the CreativeLIVE food photography workshop I’m doing May 13-15. I was overwhelmed by how much time, energy and creativity so many people put into their videos. I had a hard time picking the six finalists; there were so many good ones. In the end I looked for people that conveyed a certain something I use everyday in the field.

I believe that heart and humility are two of the most important ingredients a photographer needs to connect with subjects and to convey emotion in a photograph. Photographers need to access that place within themselves in order to see it in the world around them. If you don’t have heart and humility, you will never be able to make photographs that emit, evoke and reveal the human condition.

So many of these video submissions had heart, soul and humility. I was honored people brought their A-game and torn I could only invite six people.

Congratulations to the six selected individuals. I expect all of you to show up Friday May 13 in Seattle with the same enthusiam and heart as you showed in your videos. To everyone else, thank you so much for submitting a video – and please, please stay with us and be part of this photography experience online.

Here are the 6 (in no particular order):

Dana Nahai @onehauteplate) http://www.onehauteplate.com/

Kathleen Walsh (@KathleenMack) http://www.katwalshphotography.com/

Loren Root (@theleftoverchef) http://glassrootsconcepts.com/

Rodney Bedsole (@RodneyBedsole) http://www.rodneybedsole.com/

Shauna James Ahern (@glutenfreegirl) http://glutenfreegirl.com/

Kathleen Flinn (@katflinn) http://www.kathleenflinn.com

sample video finalist from Dana Nahai:


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11 Responses to Heart & Humility: A Recipe for Great Photographs

  1. I cannot express how honored, humbled, and completely excited I am for this opportunity. Lacing up my boot straps for some challenging work ahead.

  2. Dana’s movie was so inspiring! Great choice. It is going to be a great class!

  3. It looks like it’s going to be an incredible workshop. Congrats to all the winners!

  4. Thrilled to have had a shot to be in the audience, but being able to watch from home is a win too. Looking forward to your workshop!

  5. Thank you so much for making a video. I was so torn about the selection process. It’s going to haunt me for awhile.

  6. I am so honored and happy. I cannot wait to meet these other photographers and learn from them all. And especially from you, Penny.

  7. What an exceptionally poignant video – I have a lump in my throat.

  8. Me too Sally! Well done Dana!

  9. Elizabeth Williams

    Thank you for giving me such a fun project and goal Penny! Though one of the not chosen ones, I had a great time thinking about it and putting it together. I look forward to the online workshop.

    Are you by any chance going to be in New Orleans this weekend for Jazz Fest?

  10. I’ve always enjoyed food and my brother and I fancy ourselves as the gourmet cooks of the family. When I saw the course listed at Creative Live I followed a link to your website. Boom. It resonated so much with me. To the point where it changed what the focus of my business will be some day.

    My current work schedule wouldn’t allow me to make a video, much less come to the studio if I won. So I will be in your internet audience waiting for the answer to my question. Dana Nahai already asked it so I am confident that I will get an answer!

    Best to you as you prepare for this workshop. I can’t wait.

  11. Wow! Dana your video rocks! I so wish I could be in the audience, but I didn’t think being half way round the world in Dubai would make me qualify. I have been wrestling with what it is I want to say with my photography for some time now. I realize that I am not great at styling or making pretty pictures, but I do want to tell stories around food. I too sometimes look at my food pictures and find them devoid of feeling. I, like Dana am passionate about trying to teach people about what they put into their mouths, about nourishing their bodies, about eating to live and love and enjoy life not living to eat. Penny, I am so inspired by your work, and with a new sense of what could be, I think I have found the answer with your help. I am looking forward to attending Creative Live even though it will be from 9pm to 2am Dubai time. I can’t wait. Thanks!