Fish market: Coastal Islands of Dalmatia

I got up early today to check out the morning light in this fish market I found last night here on Vis Island. I wanted to see if the light was good, if there would be a photographic moment, some nice color, anything that said something about Croatia and the food culture here on the Dalmatian Coast.

What I found was unexpected. It was a sparse market with just a few fishermen and not that much fish. When I travel on these assignments I’m used to seeing markets like this with more fish than would ever be sold in a day and it leaves me with an uneasy feeling. This morning I found a humble offering: it was truly their catch of the day. Pretty cool to see.

Fish Market in Vis, Croatia, one of the Adriatic Islands


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4 Responses to Fish market: Coastal Islands of Dalmatia

  1. Penny, I love all these postcards you’re sending from your trip. They inspire me to do more ‘self-assignments’ even though I’m pretty much home bound this summer. In fact, because I’m home bound, I need to do them. I know at least 5 people who visited Croatia so far in June–a happening place apparently–so of course, you’re there too. Keep those cards coming. xxoo

  2. Penny- I am loving all the Croatia updates, too, and I’m with Sally: keep them coming!

  3. Bret Jenkins

    Love your recent work on Food in NG. Wonderful insight into food and culture.

  4. Beuatiful place, it reminds me the market in a small village in “Costa de la Muerte” (death coast), near Finisterre in Spain. Fish capured early in the morning, not clasified, not prepared, almost alive… and also the beautiful light (atlantic in this case) entering through the windows.
    That coast is famous for “percebes”: a strange class of seafood that looks like a plant and grows on the most dangerous rocks. When we wanted some, we should visit the village bar the day before, have a drink with the “percebeiro” (the percebes fisher), and ask him to pick some for us the next morning.

    I love your blog and photos!