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Paradise for $50 a day

tulum-21This past weekend I took a gamble in Tulum, Mexico and did not book a hotel in advance. When travelling in the Yucatan, I like to see where I am staying before committing and, in this case, scouting the hotel upon arrival paid off in a big way.

Diamante K, just off the main beach road in Tulum, is the kind of escape you picture after a stressful, hectic week. You can see yourself relaxing in a hammock next to the ocean with a gentle breeze keeping you cool. You can hear the waves break on the shore, and when you look up… myriad shades of blue. Within earshot there’s an open air restaurant, at the wave of a hand a waiter comes to your hammock carrying a freshly squeezed limonada, a plate of guacamole, and freshly made tostadas. Open your eyes because it truly exists.

The cabanas are thatched-roof huts situated on the beach less then 100 feet from the ocean and offer perhaps the most romantic setting of any hotel I have ever visited. Each bed is suspended from the ceiling so in the evenings you are gently rocked to sleep by the breeze coming in from the Gulf. The price is almost unbelievable.

I should warn you that there are some sacrifices necessary when staying here…communal amenities! But, the open-air bathrooms are nestled into a grotto and the outdoor showers have water running through suspended shells onto a bamboo floor in a private hut. The hotel calls this “eco chic,” but I call it, “I really don’t give a !@#?” I’m on a beautiful beach, in an incredible setting … WHO GIVES A HEEHAW IF THEY SEE MY HOOHOO! I’ve thrown caution to the wind. I’m already planning my next trip back.tulum-11


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